100% Untreated Honey

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100% Natural

All berries, vegetables and honey products are 100% natural. We never use harmful chemicals.

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Raw, Unpasteurized Honey

We have beehives on our farm and throughout Sauk County. We choose not to treat and pasteurize our honey because we want to provide the most nutritious honey we can. We only heat the honey (in a jar in a large kettle) until it’s liquid so it is easier to pour into our honey jars. It’s never heated to boil.

Honey has some amazing properties to it!! It is used for healing wounds and burns, as an anti-inflammatory, has vitamins and minerals healthy for your body. Use it in your coffee or tea, on your toast and even use it in baking. Stop by and ask for a sample — we’ll be glad to share!


1/2 pint — $4.50

1 pint — $8.00

1 quart — $15.00

1/2 gallon — $29.00

1 gallon — $57.00

*Bring in your container and receive $1.00 off the price of the jar*